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This is a great discussion and I love the advice!

One point I wanted to make to follow up my previous comments. Although focus is a concern, I do have a very sound set of priorities so the distractions are mainly an issue farther out from higher priorities. For example, my wife is always at the top of the list. Work in all forms is second because that's essential for supporting everything else. I got a master's in parks & recreation so we discussed a lot about how people identify themselves and I'd like to identify myself more as an accomplished swimmer and less as whatever I do at work so I want that to become third. I'm ordering The Talent Code from Amazon today, am excited about receiving it and I think that would help support solidifying priority #3.

So, in the short term, I don't want to reduce my calorie expenditure during exercise. Do you think I can follow your guidelines and still get a good workout or should I break it up into ladder set session first followed by "just swimming"? Can I get the same workout intensity by just keeping the breaks short but maintain mindfulness?

Thanks for all your support... I'm excited!


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