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Originally Posted by Gorp2007 View Post
Coach Stu,

Thanks for the insight, I'm actually just using the book, I don't have any DVDs at this point. I've been back in the water twice this week and the switch drills are feeling much more natural. I've done a few 50s trying to integrate all of the drills and visualizing staying pointy and gliding and while about 30 of those yards still felt awkward, I get about 20 yards at a time where I really feel like I'm slipping through the water and my catch feels good. I can't get to the website in your signature line from work, but I'll try to check it out this evening and see if I can grok what you're saying about the "slot to skate" process.
Hey Gorp2007,

That’s great to hear! That slippery feeling is the foundation of balance your have built, now you’re working with a stable platform. The “slot to skate” is part of the new sequence in 1.0 Effortless Endurance . Most succinct series Terry had compiled to date. Although the 10 lesson DVD is great too, and contains the spear/swing switch drills we use more for refinement as balance has been achieved.

Anyway, post any questions you may have

Enjoy your journey!

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