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The sweetspot position is only to breath.

From sweetspot turn first in skating position. When in good skating position you start with the exercise. The back arm goes forward under water. When you can see the hand of this arm in front of your face you do an armstroke with the hand in front and switch to the other side in skating position.

Then you can turn to sweetspot to breathe.

Example: Sweet spot with right hand in font and left hand at thigh.
Turn to skating position with right hand in front (spearing arm) and left hand back. You are "skating" on the right body side, in a rotation that just clears the left shoulder. Then the left hand goes forward under water (tense to the body for less drag). When the left hand passes your face, you do a weight shift to the other side and an armstroke with the right arm. Now you are in skating position on the left side, the left arm spearing, the right at the thigh. Then you roll back to sweetspot to breathe. With a pause if you need to correct the skating position or in one movement if you want to train a fluent body roll to air.

If this is now to difficult just practice in shallow water and stand up to breathe without sweetspot.
To make you comfortable in sweetspot, only exercise the change from sweetspot to skating position and back.

Also keep in mind that this is an exercise to introduce the rolling movement, especially the rolling movement to breathe. In whole stroke you won't roll so far.

And don't run away ;o)
It's a learning process and takes a bit of time. For many, breathing is the most challenging part of swimming freestyle.

Best regards
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