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Originally Posted by darkuser999 View Post
Hi all, some advice needed!

I have been learning for about 9 months, taking classes and going to the pool myself. I'm an outdoorsy person, so naturally one of my aims is to be able to swim comfortably and without fear in lakes and the sea. At present, while i wouldn't say i can't swim, i'm still far from perfect. My form is quite poor, still lifting my head a bit too much. I'd say the most i can swim is about 3 lengths, so around 75m. My treading water is also not great. I have few beach holidays coming, and not idea of the not giving it a go and trying to swim in the sea, if only for a little, just seems not right! It wouldn't be my first time in the sea. I was in Cornwall a few months ago and did give it a go, but i still stayed where i could touch the sea bottom. Obviously, i know the dangers, riptide etc. and unlikely to be too ambitious.

Anyone learners here in the same shoes and have advice to offer?

Some good pool advice given above.

As far as open water SEA swimming is concerned you do have the extra problems of waves, tides, rips etc.

For me the biggest help here was to play, swim and surf on Cornish beaches for many years before starting OW swimming. The confidence to cope (in a technical sense and with breathing too) with cold water, breakers, mini rips, seaweed and fear of the dark deep green waters BEFORE trying to progress with swimming from A to B in these conditions pays huge dividends IMO.

good luck

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