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No comment after few days so I guess I am talking nonsense again then...
Strange because I felt real good after this change (The change was: back of upper arm looking up to the sky the moment the upper arm is besides the torso).
I was not aligning the upper arm during the pull (if it makes sense). So its a "no" then and I have just invented a new style, good. :)

Will check that soon in the pool but I am almost sure I am not wrong.

This 7 SPL video of the Japanese coach shows exactly what I mean:
See how he pauses after each snap with his upper arm and deltoid and elbow, all aligned and looking vertically upwards. Thats what happens also during the second part of the pull. Thats the aim.
I am still optimistic about my chances to be one of the first self coached swimmers of the Shinji style :)
I wonder how many managed to do that without a workshop

P.S. - There are more from where this video came from and I am gone watch and learn them from here: - its a shame that I dont know Japanese.. :(

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