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Default CoachDavidShen, please advice and comment

Hi again, I will try and be "short and to the point". Thanks for any tips :)
Today at the pool, I delayed the pulling(after the catch) until the whole entering hand got in water. As a result, I could experiment and try different pulling positions and their effect on the body rotation.
I found what I consider as a "serious aha moment". I started to pull and snap with the back of my upper arm looking vertically to the sky, also keeping the back of the deltoid looking up, and the elbow centered.
I kept all three in same position during the snap.
I think that Shinji calls it: "using the elbow as fulcrum".
As a result, I was averaging 11 SPL on 25 Meters at a slow but legal pace with recovery hand moving all then time. I repeated 11 SPL more than 10 times, I made 10 SPL once.

Do I make sense? Looks like I was not pulling and snapping with the upper arm in the right angle until now. I was not keeping it on a vertical axis.

As a result of my new upper arm position, my body was reacting naturally to the pulling and was forced to rotate. I guess that this is the "body rotation" and the body rotation is a reaction to the stroke(the pull)! Is that "normal"? From what I feel, I may have found a serious breakthrough in my swim.

Many thanks for your advice and comments

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