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Originally Posted by Mike from NS View Post
Unless I am completely out to lunch, isn't it simpler to realize what you are doing instead of worrying greatly about fine tuning the timing. Timing correction will come later.

What worked for me was to kick with (say) the left foot realizing the goal was to induce right hip drive which was intended to aid in driving the right hand spear. Fine tuning came after getting the potentially difficult diagonal action happening.

Please correct me if this isn't correct ... I'd appreciate the correction.

Haaa! Out to lunch could be a good thing Mike - especially if you are swimming!

You are right, activating that diagonal timing is most important, fine tune with tempo later. A great way to activate the diagonal timing is using superman glide. Get level, suspended, neutral head - start with subtle left/right shoulder shrug front spear (use tempo trainer if you have), then bring in opp foot downward movement, again very subtle. Left should shrug/spear, right foot down, the right shoulder shrug/spear - left foot down. This is engage your diagonal network. Have a partner help you move the opp foot with your forward spearing arm to get used to timing.

Next introduce diagonal timing in switch drills. Pause your kick a couple of seconds before the switch, then when you make the switch spearing to forward target, kick opp foot only.

When these two are imprinted, the 2bk will come almost automatic in whole stroke.

Here's an excellent CG and live action pared from Shinji.

CG model is a bit rough, but perfect up next to live action (Shinji) to clearly see the 2bk timing in whole stoke.
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