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Default Think scissors

I recently struggled with this same issue and finally overcame it by thinking of my body as a pair of scissors that is opened so the blades are separated. This visual also helped me get my recovery wide and gave me enough balance to improve my EVF tremendously too.

Talking only about the 2 beat here, the blades cross and join at the belly which is your point of balance (not your hands). One blade is the Rarm-Lleg and the other is the Larm-Rleg and they cross at the belly.

This is simplistic, but think of propulsion as coming from extending the hand as far forward as you can on entry and streamlining as much as possible. one hand, then the other, and so on. When you reach the hand to extension, use the rest of your "blade" (the opposite foot) as balance. This will help your brain connect the correct arm and leg. Start with this connection mentally.

Next, work on firing that opposite foot in some way at the moment of extension.This will make the neuromuscular connection you are looking for.

Once you have the leg firing at the right time, it is a matter of making the leg move in such a way that it aids with extension and ultimately with propulsion. It needs to flick just slightly creating a fully extended, long and streamlined blade with your hand at one end and your toe at the opposite end crossing through the belly button. Once this clicks you will be on your way. Start with one switch at a time to get it into your noggin.

On land, you can improve this connection by laying on a Bosu Ball (half a swiss ball) and balancing on your belly with one hand at your side and one extended, and both feet off the floor (not easy). Now lift the extended arm slightly as you slightly lift the opposite leg. This exercise will improve neuromuscular control......Probably too much information but I hope this helps!
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