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Originally Posted by dgk2009 View Post
I'm trying to learn a 2 beat kick and just cant seem to do it,any drills that might help with this,I just cant get the timing right.
It's best to start working on diagonal time in a simple easy context of the superman glide. Get into superman glide, feel level and suspended by the water, start first by activating shoulders, left, right, left,... A very subtle spearing, shoulder forward motion (not moving arm up/down). Feel the up front timing first. And if you have tempo trainer, nice to set at 1.4, time the left/right shoulder movement to the beep.

When you feel comfortable with this movement up front, now bring in a subtle downward movement of the foot opposite the forward spearing arm, i.e. right spear, left foot down, left spear, right foot down. This is difficult at the first; have a partner assist moving your legs with the correct arm as you move your shoulders (make sure they understand the timing!) - once you have your diagonal timing with assist, have partner release legs gently until you have the diagonal timing/movement all on your own. This drill gem is courtesy of Master TI Coach Fiona Laughlin. I use this with all my students and with great success.

Once superman glide "cha-cha-cha" has been somewhat mastered - next, introduce the 2bk with Spear-switch drill. In spear-switch when you bring recovery arm forward to goggle line and pause - pause your legs at this moment too. When you make your move to spear from goggle line to forward target, fire oppsite foot, e.g. spear to right target, fire left foot.

It's best not to think of pulling arm (or pull period) with toe-flick kick. This context will put no focus on the diagonal timing which is imperitve in 2bk. Similar to when we walk or run, left foot forward, right arm swings forward as counter-balance and forward momentum. If we move right foot forward with right arm forward swing - we would be walking like camels. We sure don't want swim like a camel either - and I see a lot of swim camels in the pool (firing the wrong foot)

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