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Default Addicted to my Swim Cap

First I had a normal cap, water flowed in, my hair still smelled like chlorine, in 6 months it died like a cheap swimsuit. Next I got a Speedo silicon cap. It covered my eyes. I took scissors to it and jumped in. Immediately, I noticed my head had more buoyancy. It made breathing easier. Then I took it for granted and went mindless.

This weekend, for whatever reason, I thought it'd be liberating to swim without my cap. Ugh, what a terrible day. Gasping for air, sucking in water, not able to swim smoothly or efficiently.

As an IT guy, I know well this thing: give a person a 50% faster computer, and they'll be happy for a week, then 3 months later be unimpressed. Give that person a 33% slower computer, and they will complain every moment of the day non-stop. Basically, good things, easy to take, appreciate, then take for granted. Take a little benefit away though, and it's immediately painful.

So. Clearly, I'm getting 1-2cm of buoyancy from my cap. Before it, my videos showed my 'relaxed' position was a bit too low in the water. I think it's the curvature of my upper back. With a cap, totally relaxed, I think I'm straighter in the water. I kind of feel like I'm cheating with it. Do wet-suits do the same thing? On the other hand, it just feels natural.

If only it weren't so tight. The traditional poly cap is comfy, but not really better for my hair. The silicon cap though isolates me from the water, and makes life good.

Just curious what other's cap experiences are. Thanks!
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