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[quote=Heavy D;1728].

2. $495 is a lot of money on my military pay but I am willing to splurge if the workshop will help me a lot more. IS the workshop vastly better than self teaching?

Heavy D... it depends on who you get for coaches. If you get a good coach at a workshop, then it will be worth your money. If you get a good coach for private lessons, then they will be better.

There are excellent coaches you can get...there are good coaches you can get...then are some not so good ones.

Any workshop with the following coaches, I would recommended... Dave Cameron, Leah Nyksis, Kevin Millerick, Kim Bade, Hap Gentry,Gary Fahey, Bob Wiskera, Helenita Jacobs, John Fitzpatrick. Those are the very best. If you get private lessons or a workshop led by them, then you can't and will not go wrong
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