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Not much development on the breathing front per se, but I think my left spear should have improved. I didn't get to record myself because the pool was so full, but I'll get to see it soon anyway because I'll be recorded again tomorrow morning :)

To be fair, I must add that a huge part of my stroke has happened because of my Coach, Johnny Widén!

To your earlier comment, Werner:

At least to me this stroke doesn't seem to cause breathing problems. Ok, it does... Even your sometimes recognizable bopping is by far not so deep as if you'll need a dolphin-like jump out of the water to get a breath.
Your way to breathing is as short as the distance of your mouth to surface. You'll get it very soon.
When I was doing whale eye today I tried to really let that sink in. I enjoyed the stereoscopic view and saw just how close the surface really is. Hopefully tomorrow, or very soon.
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