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Hello Cathy,

achieving this kind of stroke in only four months is really impressiv! To collect all the goodies in your stroke would burst a forum's post. You have all rights to be proud of it!

At least to me this stroke doesn't seem to cause breathing problems. Ok, it does... Even your sometimes recognizable bopping is by far not so deep as if you'll need a dolphin-like jump out of the water to get a breath. So let me suggest some FPs of awareness for your next pooltimes:

- Are your spear-targets deep enough, that your fingertips are just below bodyline, then wrist, then elbow then shoulder... every time?

- Do you hit these targets just with your spearing-movement without corrections while arm is straight?

- Where in front(?) of your head is your best felt entry-point to spear without resistance to the targets?

- Is your speared arm patient enough to stay unmoved until the other hand drops into its mailslot?

- Is it possible to move the ragdoll-arm far away from bodyside and palm back all the way and dropping hand with palm back (not thumb first)?

- Can you realize, that your elbow is leading your recovery further up to front, if you're looking straight down?

- Does your chin really follow your shoulder to look sideway as far as possible without stress in your neck? (Farest is possilbe if you don't stress your neck neither chin to belly nore chin up. And sometimes it might be, the weightless neutral head feels so good, that it becomes hard to disturb it with rotation work, resulting in a much too late and not far enough sideway rotation...)

- Do you feel your core working in cooperation with all your (rotation-)movements?

- Do you really take only a single FP at time (do so with the above)?

Your way to breathing is as short as the distance of your mouth to surface. You'll get it very soon. Look forward to it, but not with your eyes when swimming FS :-)

Be proud and enjoy the way!

Best regards,

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