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I've settled into the regime of the local masters club so feel less need to post each swim as for the time being, I'm not setting the sets I swim, although I do adapt some of the sets to suit my specific need.

I've changed from swimming 5-6 times a week to two masters session on Tuesday and Sunday and a free swim on Friday morning.

The downside of the master's sessions is there is a lot of 4 stroke swimming and very little number analysis.

The big upside is no lane traffic and an intensity level that is already improving my swim fitness.

The last session I swam 2.5K at an average speed of 1:35/100m in an hour. In a public session I normally manage only about 1500m, due to longer rests, enforced or otherwise.

10 weeks to European Championships, time for summer diet and increased focus on specifics.
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