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Hi Salvo, well I didn't have much expectation. After all we're talking about a remote area here up north. Don't get me wrong. TI has followers everywhere including there I'm sure, but not necessarily reading the forums every day!

Thanks for your kind words it's appreciated. I had to take some time off to focus on other stuff, including but not limited to ensuring I don't burn out :)

I'm better now, and hopefully back for good.

Happy laps :)

Now.. And I just thought about it. I will have to ask the same question, but related to a much more remote area (at least from my perspective). I may travel in Denmark in September and would really LOVE giving a seminar over there. I'm thinking about a dryswim for about 90min followed by a 90min pool session. I'd travel with minimal equipment so this "very first" step in conquering the world (lol) would not see a formal Swim Training Day taking place. Pool size is not important.

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