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Default TI swimming in a crowded public pool

Hello all. I'm sure someone has asked this before, but I couldn't find any answers using a search of the forum. So... please don't be too frustrated if people have asked this before. =)

I am a freshman at NYU. I started doing TI swimming my junior year of high school and it has really changed my life. It's something I enjoy to do for fun and for exercise. And I also became certified as a lifeguard at the end of my senior year of high school. My question is resulting mainly from the crowding at the pools at Palladium and Coles at NYU. The times I've gone to either place this year, the pools were crowded and there were at least 2 people to a lane. I am used to my gym's pool in Michigan -- open 24 hours with many opportunities during the day to find a free and open lane.

I guess my real problem is that when swimming with other people in a lane, I don't know "how to behave" in this more crowded and restricted environment. I know the idea of circling in a lane, tapping the foot to pass, etc. But am I allowed to swim other strokes? What if I want to do drills - is that allowed?

Any swimmers who swim at more crowded public pools, offer me your advice! Thank you in advance.


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