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Originally Posted by CoachStuartMcDougal View Post
We had a student in workshop last weekend who was an avid/expert "canoer". Much like anchoring arm in freestyle, she described the paddle is anchored in front of body, the paddler then moves canoe past the paddle using the whole body from the core. Paddle remains in place, "hooked in" as canoe moves forward, no lateral movement or twist of paddle. Paddle slices in quiet on entry and slides out gently at exit - no paddle flip or flick.

I'm not a canoeist, but the essential anchoring action sounds like a specific intent not to pivot on a point above water (causing not only an outward arc of the tip of the paddle, but also angulation of the face of the paddle upward and forward at the front of the stroke and angulation the other way at the back of the stroke), but rather to keep path of the stroke in a straight line parallel to the canoe, and to keep the paddle vertical from front to rear of stroke. Rather like the TI "parallel tracks" and "vertical forearm" mental guidelines. And tying those movements to core muscle power rather than arm muscle power.
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