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Originally Posted by Richardsk View Post
I think the best plan is never to offer any unsolicited advice or criticism and if you are asked for advice or criticism concentrate on the positive aspects first. Most people, even Olympic athletes, have faults that could be rectified and it's a lot easier to see others' faults than your own.

Not everyone likes having faults pointed out, though.
Good point Richardsk. However, I think there also is the element of how you approach the person. For instance, I would never offer up advice to someone I have never seen at the pool or spoken to. But yesterday when I was swimming, a man who overall has a decent technique, kept slapping his right recovery arm into the water rather than spearing it. I asked if I could point out something too him and he agreed. After I explained what I noticed he graciously accepted the advice. I also let him know the reason why I noticed is that the same thing had been pointed out too me.
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