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So, whats his slippfactor then?

6stroke 1

6 stroke 2

6 stroke 3

his hand moves 2.4 tiles back, while his head moves 3 tiles forward.Slipfactor = 2.4/3= 0.8. So not super for an elite, but very good taking the 6 stroke in account.
There has to be relative much deceleration between strokes, so at every stroke he also has to accelerate his body again, which takes extra force = extra slippage.

Sclim, there is 1 component I forgot: the kick propulsion. More kickpropulsion at the back, means less propulsion at the front, means less slip.
This guy has opened my eyes for the possible propulsion of the legs , even from a 2 BK. Never thought you could get so much propulsion from a 2BK.
Still hate the kneebend it needs to set the big kick up, making it a nono for higher speeds I think. Have to take a look how much Sun Yang bends his knee.

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