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I thought I had given this guy some well deserved praise allready.
Sorry i dont read and speak Japanese.
I posted this swim because it was special, thats all.

Looking at it a few times in slowmotion, the timing is a bit different than what most do, swimming at the edge of front quadrant.
I wondered why he isnt bouncing. Bouncing often happens when kick and pull have their force peak at the same time and the pull is pushing much water down.
Here the kick pulse proceeds the longer arm push, so there is some overlap, but there is more a kick, rear comes up, and than long forward shove with emphasis on mid and endpush finishing the kickimpuls off.
This brings the body only a little up, since its tipped to the front already a moment before, and the direction of the force is mostly backward.
This all results in a relatively straight tracking body.
Only the preparation of the big downkick is a dragsource.

So, is this also the ideal TI timing?
Is this a tII swim model?
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