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Originally Posted by Zenturtle View Post
Looks a bit like TI, but is very kickdriven.
pretty stremlined also , but a little bit too much stop and go ... *from 1 min 45
I like a more rounded shoulderrotation and some more continuous propulsion at the front, but TI lovers will like it I guess.
Originally Posted by Tom65 View Post
Stop start swimming, he might as well be doing breast stroke.
I am utterly amazed at how people dare commenting in such an offending way. It is obvious from your posts that you both do not understand a single word of what Mr. Aso explains in his video:

1. This swimmer is a former national team member.

2. Has swum in international competitions as a representative of the national team.

3. Was many times all Japan high school champion in long distance (1500 m if memory serves).

4. In his video, he CLEARLY says that "the goal is not to achieve the lowest stroke count when training DPS, but to swim as smooth as possible". In the beginning, he emphasizes to NOT pause, NOT as shown (NOT as he demonstrates). In the end of the video, he says to swim "as usual", only then DPS bears a meaning.

5. His technique is absolutely impressive and his way of teaching swimming should deserve praise.

It might be time to train for yourselves and comment on what YOU have achieved, rather than commenting on others. In doing so, there would certainly be less impression of arrogance and ignorance.
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