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Default Be gentle :)

Alright, I'll upload a video.

I merged 2 videos. The first half was recorded last Saturday (03-03-2018) and the second half, starting at 02:12-ish, only 2 days later. I didn't attempt to breathe or do nod/whale eye in the first half, but it shows quite well my non-breathing swimming.

I think that my balance, generally speaking, is ok. Am I arching too much?

Some things I'm aware of, and working on:

- I look slightly or not so slightly forward, not straight down.
- Head bobbing (which is probably a cumulative effect of some of the following points below)
- Left entry way too much ahead of my head --> elbow splashing. Not spearing straight to target. I then push down my entire left arm.
- no TI logo with right arm unless I concentrate, but if I do manage to do a TI logo it normally comes with a thumb first entry
- Sometimes I start the catch jut a tad too early. I can do proper patient hands but it still requires 101% concentration
- I push down and not backwards during parts of the stroke. Aware of this, don't have enough body awareness for the fix...

- Right hand sometimes too high over water. Very occasionally left hand too.
- I tend to exit with left hand too early.
- My palms face upwards upon exit and I throw water out of the pool. Maybe that pushes my entire upper body down?
- I simply forget to kick when I'm really concentrating on something else!
- When it comes to the breathing part, I, at the moment, have very little awareness of what's going on. Perhaps a bit too early for me to breathe with all those things to be sorted out, but like I said, I'd really like to make a progress this week if I manage. Before I do a drowning frenzy in the 50m pool :))

So many things! I'm very new to this :)
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