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Hello Werner,

Nonono :) I started to swim as such on the 7th Nov last year. So that will be 4 months tomorrow. I'd never swum before. Breathing "only" in the last two or three weeks (can't remember).

We're using the Ultra-Efficient Freestyle.

Problem is that I'm moving within days and the new pool is 50m so I can't get away with this one length on one breath thing anymore and I hate to be the wonky one in the pool. I'm a very shy person who generally struggles with self-confidence and going like that to a new pool fills me with anxiety. I really wanted to fix it while still here in my usual pool. Plus I signed up to an OW race for this summer. Not sure what I was thinking!

I guess I have some kind of balance and streamline as long as I don't try to turn my head like in a whale eye (nod is ok). In whale eye, everything falls apart: timing (hand not patient anymore), recovery goes up to the sky again, and my leading arm likes to drift closer to the surface and towards the center of the body. Not quite crossing over, but not wide tracks anymore. All this just by also rotating my head. Perplexing! Also, my head is bobbing somewhat and when I turn to breathe my head is at its lowest position so I only find water, not air. Yesterday, by some miracle, somehow I found air twice except by then I didn't trust myself to the extent that my mouth was actually closed and the whole time I held my breath, not quite trusting that I could possibly get any air in... Could be easier to grow gills than to learn this!

I'll think about posting a video. Feeling too shy at the moment. But I guess it's hard to comment if I don't post anything.

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Hello Cathy,

as Danny wrote: Most important seems to be finding your enjoyment again! Four months of learning breathing in FS definitely isn't a long time...

My first thought is: How to go to revise (or test) the roots? Balance-Streamline-Balance-Streamline...

Did you go through a course step by step? (Terry's 1.0 or the older Perpetual Motion.) Otherwise give it a try and start with first step...

Is it possible to put a video in here, so someone might find an issue causing your frustration...

And have in mind, three of Terry's mantras:

- Never practice struggle

- Strive for conscious inkompetenz

- Love the plateau

- If you don't reach your goal today, take it neither good nor bad. It's simply a fact to work with tomorrow. (Not sure, if it's from Terry...)

Hope you'll find enjoyment in every stroke soon!

Best regards,
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