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Hello Cathy,

as Danny wrote: Most important seems to be finding your enjoyment again! Four months of learning breathing in FS definitely isn't a long time...

My first thought is: How to go to revise (or test) the roots? Balance-Streamline-Balance-Streamline...

Did you go through a course step by step? (Terry's 1.0 or the older Perpetual Motion.) Otherwise give it a try and start with first step...

Is it possible to put a video in here, so someone might find an issue causing your frustration...

And have in mind, three of Terry's mantras:

- Never practice struggle

- Strive for conscious inkompetenz

- Love the plateau

- If you don't reach your goal today, take it neither good nor bad. It's simply a fact to work with tomorrow. (Not sure, if it's from Terry...)

Hope you'll find enjoyment in every stroke soon!

Best regards,
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