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Originally Posted by whoiscathy View Post
At the moment I also "hate" it. I have yet to take a breath... Any breath, wonky or pretty -- at this point I'd take anything. I've got water in more times than I care to count. Sometimes so much water I was puking for hours afterwards. So I go 25s without breathing at all but I know it isn't the solution.

Almost at the 4 month mark now. Quite annoyed.
Cathy, your response above is alarming, and I'm sure it will arouse lots of feedback, so here is mine. I think part of your problem may be that you have set yourself some unrealistic goals. You are almost at the 4 month mark now, and quite dissatisfied with your progress. I feel for you. I have been swimming for 20 years now and I have spent most of that time dissatisfied with my progress as well. I will leave it to others to give you advice about how to swim without inhaling water. But part of the problem may be your frustration about your progress. We are all different, and our past histories also play a role in how fast we progress. Swim instructors can sometimes be too quick to predict vast improvement. Otherwise they may not be doing their job.

I would suggest going back to some level you feel comfortable with in the water. Right now it is more important for you to re-establish a sense of enjoyment than to learn how to breath properly. Without the enjoyment, there is no sense in any of the rest of this.

Good luck and keep us informed!
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