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Originally Posted by Zenturtle View Post
half an hour of typing lost in cyberspace again.

in short:
had a few coaches and more than 10 good swimmers take a look to point out flaws.
Looked pretty good with a few minor flaws.
Swum in pool with mirrorlike bottom. No nasty surprises.
Dont have footage.

dryland muscle memory of certain movement -> transfer to pool muscle memory.
make this pool memory a habit.
Master building blocks. Store memory of good execution in memory.
Scan all buildingblocks feedback during stroke. Repair disfunctioning building blocks during stroke while fresh as much as possible.
Hi ZT, the first paragraph you wrote above sounds like objective feedback on your swimming. The second paragraph sounds more like a description of how you teach yourself stuff. The reason I am being so picky is because you are claiming to Werner and others that all of this should be resolved using objective measures and (if I understand you correctly) that those objective measures aren't that hard to get. It seems to me that the objective measures you have used for yourself aren't what I would wish for if I were trying to resolve fundamental issues about swimming technique. This is not to say that you haven't been successful in teaching yourself good technique. Rather it is only to point out that the primary check you have on your technique is either subjective feeling or timing yourself. Those are both very good sources of feedback, but only the second one (timing yourself) is objective.

I think that most of us are in your situation, and you have probably done a better job with the resources at your disposal than, for example, I have. But none of us really have much in the way of objective measures of our swimming technique, aside from timing and stroke count. This is why so many of the issues we discuss on this forum are so difficult to resolve.
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