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Hi ZT, sometimes your discussions about how to optimize swimming technique seem to assume an unrealistic form, so I would like to ask you some questions. What tools do you have available to study your own swimming? Do you film yourself? Do you discuss your technique with other people who watch you swim? Do you have hydrodynamic drag models to study what shapes your body makes in the water and how much drag they produce? I know you spend a lot of time studying video of other people swimming, but when you try to imitate them, what tools do you have available to judge your success in this?

For most of us, if we had unlimited resources, we would analyze our swimming very differently from the way we are currently doing it. In my case, I got a lot out of filming myself, except that I started to feel like I was spending more time at the pool working to get good shots than I was spending swimming. So I have (unfortunately) given up on that. These days, I use my own very subjective feeling as well as the other basic tools such as timing myself, SPL and TT. I do experiments, but in the end my assessment of the results is all based on feeling, and I know from watching film of myself how misleading this feeling can sometimes be. So what objective measures do you have of your own swimming?
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