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Hello ZT,

first let me say, an orthopaedist told me turning shoulder against hip or vice versa isn't as dangerous in swimming as in playing Golf or Squash (my most liked sport for some thirty years...), because the spine is not additionally loaded with weight while moving. So there will be some degree of healthy freedom in your experiments...

To be more precise, the length of the log is shrinking to a part that is formed by hips and a flat lowerback. Thats left as the rotating eye of the tornado.
When reading this (with my TI-eyes) the thought of the body towed from the head in front is a much more stable one, than to carry a streamlined form if the head and upper body has to be held aligned while being (seperated) pushed from your powerhouse. That's more like the kayak in four pieces (head-upper body-powerhouse-legs) held by joints.

The rest is free to move and be used as part of the kinetic chain.
Yees, but the chain will be much more streamlined if towed from one end than pushed from the middle.

It feels very liberating to be released from the restrictive log model.
But we'll have to decide, if this "new/old" freedom will hold the best streamline or if the freedom leads us to do more breaks of it. At least I think streamline is an extremely restrictive model, and we should weigh very carefully if the new freedom is worth breaking this principle.

Probably more people have some kind of personal rigid ideal mental model in their heads.
The chain- or wave-model seems to me to be a good one. The log-model should not be seen as restriction, but more as the solid-body-model that doesn't exist in reality.

The band width for experiments from "inside" may be fairly large. Remember a student who asked me to show the difference between hip- and shoulder driven FS. I did and felt an extreme difference... but he couldn't realize it before I swam again with which I thought was an exaggerated exaggeration.

Never stop questioning if this rigid model is really helping you forward.
This is not only true for the rigid model but for everything. Sometimes jealous about what you can ask so everything...

Best regards,
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