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Throughout this whole discussion about exactly how fast Shinji was going, and exactly how fast he could actually do a 1500m and the Rottnest 19.7k, I sort of tuned out, because it didn't matter to me, it was way beyond any conception I could dream of.

However a further comment did catch my attention -- whether his current video of 9 strokes a length is sustainable or is his famous video of 12 strokes more like it. It never occurred to me that 9 spl (an incredible number in the first place) might not be sustainable, because he looks so damned relaxed. But if it is not sustainable at 9 spl, why not? It then occurred to me that of course it was not easy, otherwise every one and their dog would be posting videos of themselves doing 9 spl.

So, really at 9 spl, despite looking relaxed and smooth, he is working way harder than I am imagining from just looking at the smooth relaxed aspect of it. Where is the hard work happening (apart from exquisite mental concentration to get that elegant balance, timing and streamlining)? It's at the shoulders and chest, right? That's what will tire first, raising his spl, right?
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