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Originally Posted by swmcoach View Post
Long story short I began to study his newer methods and they seemed to make so much more sense to me(along with all the you tube videos of other swimmers thoughts). So off to the pool I went, thinking this time I will treat his methods as a process and not move on to the next drill until I conquer the previous. Well balance was the first step and I was suddenly stopped in my tracks when I found I could not get my legs to float no matter what I did and how much I read and watched the videos.
Hey swimcoach,

Although a lot has changed since late 90's, early 2000 - learning the skill of balance has always been priority. So I'm curious that it appears you are experiencing a severe imbalance for the first time. The majority of males have a very low profile in the water, hips drop fast. Your description is very common, but the good news is you are aware it's problem.

To help narrow down what is happening with your body and its imbalance - what exactly did you do to balance in position/movement-wise (not neoprene-wise) that failed?

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