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As you are not a novice in freestyle swimming, not even a novice in TI, i would not work through all the exercises like you wanted to.

TI has improved, but the general main targets, balancing and streamlining are the same. I would do both, the older exercises that you know and the newer ones. But after the exercises I would try to set my focal point in whole stroke on what you learned in the exercises.

I know that there are several opinions, and others may have other experiences, but I would not try to use a pull buoy or neoprene jammers to improve the balance of the body, unless you want to always swim with the neoprene jammers.
I learned freestyle in a normal swimming suit. Than I swam one year only with a short neoprene suit. It took me ages to find my balance with the neoprene suit and then again it took me ages to regain my balance when I started to swim without. Maybe that you get a feeling how correct balance feels, but it does not help to learn balance.

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