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Originally Posted by Zenturtle View Post
I dont think we can get the same EVF position as Karlyn Pipes Neilson
(the power increase with a high elbow is a load of crap, its only to make the best aquatic paddle shape)
but you could try at home for the mirror to see how you compare.
Anyway, her arm movements in full stroke more or less resembles the sculling positions you are using hopefully
When I try it my shoulder doesnt really likes it, but the movement on dryland are often far removed from this extreme dryland position, even if we think we are close to it.
When you get the same feeling in the arm on ful stroke as in sculling you are doing well.
Its easy to look at your arm underwater during sculling to check if your arm position is OK.
Actually, now I don't feel quite so incompetent, after watching the video. Even the skilled and flexible coach Karlyn Pipes Neilson isn't able to bend her forearms directly forwards while standing with her arms pointing directly upwards. I don't know how I got the idea that she could. I notice now that as she drops her forearms her elbows start to deviate outwards; in other words, the angle of the humerus drops from vertical, or more accurately, about 80 degrees to about 45 degrees. Still difficult to do, though.

I must revise my estimate of the humerus angle that I am achieving. I just guessed 45 degrees. But I'm no where near as flexible as she is, so I doubt I'm getting more than 30 degrees. And I'm still cheating, because my humerus is not staying as cleanly in the horizontal plane in the water (or coronal plane standing up) -- my elbow dips down further below the surface than hers would.

But still, it's the best I can do for now, and I'll practice it with the aim to achieve it as consistently as possible.

This has been very illuminating!
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