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Hi. Lots of interesting thoughts.

I understanding that keeping the writ straight is not an end in itself, but a tool to try to the forearm vertical sooner so it can be used to push back against the water.

The timing of the breathing is something I'll have pay more attention to as I swim. Perhaps that's why I'm getting water in my mouth.

Two other issues were whether my stroke rate was constant and whether I was double kicking. Those are interesting because I don't consider it well-established that a constant stroke rate and a single kick are optimal. Perhaps it works (for me) that every other, or every fourth, stroke is slightly slower or faster. Likewise for a slight double-kick. This, i take it, was Andy's point about singing in the dark.

Anyway, one point at a time. Today I focused on my catch, EVF, and bringing my hand back straight and even to preserve as much "grip" as possible. I think it cut a stroke off my spl, although it could have been a function of my stroking more slowly to make sure I got it right.

Again, thanks for the thoughts.


"Swim by the mile; improve by the inch."
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