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Originally Posted by cantswim View Post
I tried the Aqua Sphere Kaimans. They don't pass the suction test (letting them sit on your eyes with only suction, no strap, for 5-10 seconds). They leak and are uncomfortable.

Bought a 2nd pair just in case first was defective. Same problem.

Tried the Aqua Sphere Seal Mask. These pass the suction test, but even with the lightest suction, they are too tight. Uncomfortable. Leaves deep marks on my face after using, and gives me a headache.

Speedo Hydrospex2 was really bad. Uncomfortable, leaks a lot, poor visibility, just everything wrong.

Next I will try Aqua Sphere Kayenne, and then Speedo Vanquisher 2.0.

Any other recommendations?
I too had big problems with the kaimans, water came in the top corners all the time. I use the aqua sphere vista for everything as I like the quick release strap and never get any water leakage and they are comfortable.
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