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Sat 9th Jan 2016

A quick cheeky midday weekend swim.

I missed yesterday's morning swim due to work commitments so was feeling a bit restless today which meant nipping out for a power hour.

I had a single focus today - getting used to 1:30 100m pace.

Warm up
8x50m under 45s off 1:00 16SPL

These went surprisingly well, I had to have some longer rests because of lane traffic but it was fairly consistent at 42s and approx 20s rest.

8x100 1:30 pace

test two different TT settings one at 16SPL and one at 18SPL.

18SPL felt much more comfortable on oxygen demands so I swam

6x100 tt0.72 full lope. 31 beeps per length (as per 1:40 warm ups this week)

I swam them all 4-5 beeps ahead of target between 1:26 and 1:27

8x25 sprint

4x25 at one tt setting below my pb 0.63X27 beep target
4x25 at one stroke below my pb 0.66x26 beep target

a few lengths of 13SPL relaxed warm down.

the second felt easier but I was just off a clean turn within 26 beeps but I'll work on that next week for a 34.3 50m time.

I felt strong today after a rest day yesterday. Great swim
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