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Wednesday 6th January 2016

Whoops Timing

Warm up - 4x100@1:40 off 2:00

4x50 sub 40s

0.72 54 beeps 38.9s :) 4 more points for the signature challenge.

4x100 breaststroke with 10m starts and 30s rest

I was at around 1:50 pace today but still need to surface early on the 4th length as I can't stay down for 8s push off.

4x25 kick

sprint set

test sense of ease with different stroke patterns at a given pace of 17s

tt0.44 - double stroke 17SPL
tt0.55 - full right hand breathe lope
tt0.63 - Andy's sprint pattern

After 4x25 of the first setting I realised the pool closed 15 minutes earlier than I thought and I had only 2 minutes left. These were within a stroke of target.

I attempted a 50m PB with setting 3 but lost sync on the return and came in 1 or 2 strokes over budget.

As the tempos and speed in the water increase I find stroke timing precision more and more important to avoid the feeling of turbulence and loss of balance.

So today I did all the right prep but miscalculated my training time so missed the chance to perform the day's tests.
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