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Hi Andy,

have you abandoned kicking sets? What kind of kick do you use in your sprints? I believe a well trained 6bk could help you a lot in a 50.

Today I ended the session with a funny ladder: I did some 25m reps with TT increasing stroke rate by 2SPM on each one. Started at 66SPM and hit 19SPL (22 beeps), with a light 6bk. The goal was to go on until I wouldn't able to hold 19SPL (and 22 beeps) anymore. In order to hold DPS I gradually increased 6bk power. With a 2bk I would have failed the set soon. Instead by modulating the 6bk intensity I was still able to hold 19SPL up to 76SPM. At 78SPM I hit 20SPL (and 23 beeps, failure point), then I ended the set with a last 25 at 76SPM/19SPL.

The funny thing was that "bottom up" or kick driven feeling which leaves arms and shoulders unloaded (they just have to pierce the water and hold). And I'm a poor kicker in the end, go figure how more funny it would be if I improved my kick.

You may have already read this old article by Emmett Hines:

(click on Bottom Up Swimming — Part 3 (or The Spin-Doctor's Perscription))

I've read it many times but I didn't remember the last paragraph where he offers an interesting interpretation of sprinters vs distance swimmers. I think it's a little pearl, worth reading. It reminds me to Ian Thorpe: a stroke built on top of a super propulsive 6bk. But that super 6bk perhaps couldn't fit well with the frequencies required for sprinting. That could be the ultimate reason why he did better in middle distance: not because of a "slow" stroke rate, but because of a "slow" kick rate.


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