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I think that once you're secure in the basic trunk or core positions of your sport or activity, it is then relatively easy to gradually work at belly breathing and experimenting with how much compromise you have to make in your external abdominal musculature tension to allow a more generous diaphragmatic expansion without compromising your other core requirements too much.

However, in swimming, where the balance is so critical, I think that for myself, my hold on this concept is so precarious that I risk losing or not getting the feeling of balance. It's a little frustrating, because with my hip and leg heaviness, the theory that if I move the centre of buoyancy down my trunk a little towards my toes this would help support my hips sounds really attractive. Until I realise what I'm doing to my alignment in my distraction towards "non-fundamental" aspects of swimming.

So, I think apart from making sure I get a reasonably good breath at the appropriate time and not leaking it all out in between breaths, for me the huge abdominal breath experiment was an interesting idea that I will shelve until my balance becomes more secure by conventional TI means. This would be manifest by a lower SPL, I would hope.

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