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I kick-toe-flick-down, and spear the opposite side and can feel the core muscles flexing across my body, but that's exactly when I should be inhaling to get an early bite of air. Mystery.[/QUOTE]

Hi tomoy
Let me try to say this with accurate words.
Right arm is recovering above water and entering the water in front of the right shoulder opposite or just In a line with the front of the head. At the same time - the left hand/arm is getting into catch position while the left leg is flicking its shoe off. :0) as this is happening the right side of the body is moving downward while the left side is rotating upward and when the left google is above water that is when one can get the early breath. The head must move as one with the body. The left side of the body moves upward bringing the in line head with it.
Of course the next stroke is the reverse.
Hope this helps.
May we swim with ease at the speeds we choose.
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