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Yeah you're pretty much on track on several counts in this post, namely your allusion to the serape effect.. Anyway, that's straight in the middle of my own freestyle teaching. Yes torso has to release then tighten for better exploiting weight shift combined with the lever that automatically gets shorter as a result of BR.

What I'm suggesting here is that the hand that's skating all of a sudden will be brought back as a result of weight shifting on the other side.

Relaxing right hand/arm on entry allows for that shoulder to be positioned slightly in front of the other. When torso tighten and br occurs at the same time, that shoulder is automatically brought back, thus bringing the now pulling hand back as well.

Some might argue that the hand stays there and that the body rather propels over the hand. This important mantra allows for limiting pushing water back. That'd be true. But for sake of simplicity I preferred to use the other way around.

Now you're raising a very fun point about Luc. That I have no clue yet what to make, though I tend to think that it'd be better to strengthen the core a bit, or at least make it tough enough to sustain a 2hr+race. Because as the race unfolds, you see more and more fishtailing. Being hit laterally didn't help there.

And yes (too), if you're simply suggesting that there's a bit of fly in Shinji swim, that'd be about right. He uses a undulatory motion to cheat, thus lifting the hips every once in a while. Something noticeable with Sun Yang as well, and among several good smooth swimmers I guess. That's good cheating. And a good use of fly.

2bk can sometimes be seen as single leg fly kick, if it's what you suggest.

I wouldn't recommend putting too much focus on achieving this, prior addressing more urgent priorities though. Or else mutant stroke might occur :)

And yes (too) this swimmer is trained first as a freestyle swimmer, then as a butterfly specialist, last as an IM jack of all trade. He was taught the long distance fly so to speak, often perform a kilo at this. The other day he swam a 750 ow I think, fly. And use of body weight on catch/pull through is at the center of pretty most of what we do at Free, on top of working on a variety of drills.

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