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Originally Posted by sclim View Post
I'm sorry, I just re-read your comment and my response -- maybe I missed what you were trying to state -- "the arm that's above the surface"... you didn't finish, except to make the point that we sometimes get distracted into thinking each part is a separate department isolated from the other parts. Were you trying to point out here that the arm that's above the surface is not just passively on its way to get to the insertion point so that it can pull again, but rather is part of the momentum-carrying mass that most efficiently is redirected forward again ultimately to re-enter the water and spear at a slighly downward trajectory to impart forward propulsive force? If this is what you meant, yes I do see that the high side arm movement "connects" with the low side / below surface actions.
Yes - and very well said. And if the path and trajectory of the high side arm is wrong, it destabilizes the vessel below (imbalance) which triggers the arm to pull and legs to move (splay) attempting to stabilize/rebalance the platform. I've always heard the swimming mantra through the years, "it's what happens below the surface that counts", but they're missing it's what happens above the surface the vessel below the surface is entirely dependent upon.


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