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I am hoping to get some advice on my freestyle, please.

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About me:
* 55 years old
* 6 feet 5 ins tall, weight 80kg, slim build
* Self taught front crawl over the last two and a half years.
* Target is to swim 1500 metres (60 lengths of 25m pool) in under 30 minutes. Been stuck on 31 mins for last few months.

Having seen the video of my self, my thoughts are:
* Sometimes my arms moving forward out of the water swing to wide (more often the right arm).
* When I breathe it looks like I lift my head and upper body too much then push back down again after a breath is taken.
* Stroke rate is quite slow - my stroke count at a steady pace for 1500 metres is around 20/21 in 30 secs.

Additional points:
* Probably due to my height and build, I find floating on my front extremely difficult unless I skull with my hands.
* I find breathing in front crawl quite difficult, I am persevering with bi-lateral, but do get very out of breath.
* Doing a length of kicking holding a kick board is incredibly tiring and ridiculously slow. As a result I am trying to minimise my kick when swimming longer distances although I realise this is probably hiding a problem.

Any advice would be very greatly appreciated!

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