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She has great alignment, balance and a beautifull kick.
The high elbow shape looks great and impressive too.
There is a certain range of timings between the anchoring of the arm and the kick in swimming.
In my view she is right at the extreme end of this timing range, and the left arm is sometimes outside the normal range.
I also believe the right side is better controlled and stronger, what makes balancing on this timing edge a bit easier.
Its like the ignition timing of a combustion engine. Small timing changes can make a big difference in power.

Here a range of anchor-kicktimings from Manadou to Sun Yang. All with a 2BK, Sun and Ledecky with a 4BK.
ThIs is the moment that the downkick has reached the max amplitude, and the kick has basically ended.
Compare the arm positions relative to this kickend timing point.


Shelley T

TI Mandy

TI Shinji

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