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Originally Posted by CoachBillGreentree View Post
Those videos are more than 5 years old now. A lot has changed in that period of time in addition to her marital status! Karlyn has begun teaching a version of "patient lead arm" recently for example (though that is not the terminology she uses.)

Youtube and the internet are a double edged sword. We can access a wealth of information, the problem is discovering what has been discarded as wrong or not beneficial. what still has value, and what demonstrates the latest techniques. A look at the really old Ti style videos are enough to convince anyone of how much things can change.

Oh and your comments are pretty much right on the money Suzanne.
Thanks for your updating advice, duly noted. I must say, though, from the progress I have made, I think my form, feel and insight were at such a low level that any reasonable help, even from 5 or 7 years ago was still of significant assistance to me. Unless I am informed of information out there that is actually plain out harmful to my progress, I will assume that any information that seems to be helpful, especially in terms of improving insight or which actually has resulted in an objective measure of improvement in my swimming is helpful, although I'm sure subsequent experience will show me in retrospect that some bits were more helpful than others.
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