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Progress report: Back to pool today after holiday season decreased swim time, have graduated to 100m swim, 100m swim, 25 m right forward sculling w left arm leading superman (feet doing a light flutter), 25 m same with left forward sculling = 250m. Then repeat all. This makes 25% of total distance sculling, and I made it plain old continuous sculling after an initial abortive attempt to integrate a pulling stroke when I needed to breathe -- it just screwed up my sculling pattern for the several seconds it took me to recover my balance when I found myself in sculling position on the other side -- maybe I'll save that pattern for later use. So now I'm just grabbing a quick sideways breath when I need it, usually with a small quick pull off the sculling arm, and maybe a downward push of the lead hand, but not always, and whatever screw up in the sculling rhythm happens, happens, but I try to shorten the non-sculling time as much as possible.

I'm getting better at it, as demonstrated by my greater tolerance for sculling distance as a percentage of total. Today my scapular muscles are sore, but then I did 200m of sculling (800m of whole stroke swimming), and I remember now I was constantly trying to keep my elbow as far ahead and as high as my shoulder flexibility could maintain, so there is maybe some unaccustomed stretching to my limit going on.

On the swimming side, while this has taken back seat to the sculling focus, I realise there is also good news. My stroke per length count has stayed in the low end of my previous range, which I did not notice the significance of, until I realised that I had maintained this low count throughout the whole of the 100m continuous swimming set, whereas before this, in a 100m set my SPL would deteriorate after 50 m, and in a lesser skilled period before that, even after 25 m. During the 100m sets today I was sometimes achieving spl numbers for one or more of the length that I had difficulty hitting consistently 11 months ago during single 25m sets of great concentration and significant rest in between!

While I realise I cannot fully discount a hundred little helpful things (better balance, timing, etc. etc) I have learned over the past months, I can't ignore what seems to be a significant breakthrough in stroke efficiency from the simple device of finally getting down and learning and doing sculling!

You can teach an old dog (will be 68 this year, human years) new tricks lol.

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