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Originally Posted by wie View Post
So, I am slow, too. But my goal is not to swim fast. I never will.
You might be surprised about that. I found I emphasized SPL for so long that when I began CHOOSING to give myself an extra stroke or two per length, and working with a TT, everything felt MUCH easier, but also turned out to be MUCH faster. I expected things to feel easier at higher SPL, but I was shocked to see the extra speed.

The lesson for me was, emphasis on SPL is incredibly useful, but you won't get the speed until you start swimming at the upper end of your target range (for me that's 13-16 SPL). I had been really focused on the lower end for a long time (a couple of months, maybe). That turned out well for me.

So, swimming faster with less effort just snuck up on me while I was trying for grace. It's a wonderful feeling.


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