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Originally Posted by terry View Post
If I were to substitute a different phrase for practice in the 'total TI way' would you agree it would be desirable to practice in this way every single time -- no exceptions?

Here's the phrase:
Always observe principles of Deliberate Practice.
That I'm in 'total' agreement :)

And in fact I'd like to thank Coach Chen as I might (real certainly will) do the same sort of translation recommendations. It's more the drill equivalence that interests me. Of course it would be to allow the participants to my training day to more easily be able to continue with the stuff they discovered during the day.

It has been a pain thus far, as very often when I see participants a few weeks after, they often complain having difficulty to integrate this in club sessions... bah ok club deliberate practices lol

It's brilliant.

I do respect though those who just don't like to swim deliberately. And there are a few. They're not my favorites, that's obvious, but the cool thing is that you can throw boring stuff at them at it makes no diff. They're like bots lol

Question (off topic, but since some among the greatest coaches are following this thread lol):

Which 3 drills are you the most proud of, which 3 drills would you say are the most important, and why?

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