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I, too, have wondered about the gender make-up of TI practitioners in general and this forum population specifically.

I've very much enjoyed the thread about the physics of the spearing arm, etc., and it has exercised my mind in a way not usual for me. I don't think that way -- at all -- so I don't have much to contribute there. The part I find most accessible and entertaining is Borate's video. :)

I have the same experience and opinions as what Westy posted here.

I would love to attend the Maho Bay camp! The posts (and blogs) here whet my appetite for it and got me really excited. I'd attend a mixed-gender camp, but given the choice I'd take the women's. There's always a different dynamic in a women-only athletic venture -- not always "better", in my opinion, but usually one where the women are more comfortable and more likely to be taken seriously. Often in a mixed group the women are given less attention or ignored. Or the tenor, pace and emphasis of the group is determined by the men.

I read a report about the camp in another forum from someone I know from another area of my life. Her post clinched the deal for me because she gave details (dietary & schedule, vibe) that would concern me and which would be sort of a pain to find out.

p.s. the reason I don't post more is that I still consider myself a beginner and therefore don't have the insights/suggestions of a more experienced swimmer. Or, someone else has already covered the points I'd make.
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