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Originally Posted by CoachStuartMcDougal View Post

There is no cable to follow at Lake Minnewaska. But I've compared swimming in that lake to swimming in bottled water - it's a treat.
Stuart, there is a cable, a bit less than 200m long. Salvo, the lake is mostly protected from wind because it's narrow and tucked between hills on one side and a high cliff on the other. It's open at the north and south ends. When there's wind it's nearly always from the north end so you do encounter some wind chop going north. However I swim a loop around the cable, so it evens out--into the wind going north, with the wind going south.


I don't know how you count strokes for 400m - razor sharp focus. That's one lap around the buoys - right? I have difficulty counting strokes in 50 meters :-). I pull the lanes at LAVC Aquatics Center, simulated open water - 25y lengths are just not nearly as fun as stretching your wings in any direction across the pool, and imagine I'm swimming in Lake Minnewaska.


Where you see me note stroke counts, I've simply divided my 400m time by my tempo. That gives me total strokes for 400m.
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