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Originally Posted by CoachBobM View Post
This article seems to describe a body dolphin. I'm not sure what the value is supposed to be of doing it other than on your breast, and they don't explain it. Since the buoying up of your lungs is an inherent component of the body dolphin, I don't see the value of doing it on your side or back where that's not going to happen. You're going to be trying to practice an inherently different movement than the one you will be executing in butterfly.

Both of these are a dolphin kick - not the body dolphin that is central to butterfly. I think the purpose of doing it on the surface in the youtube video may actually be to give you feedback about whether you are doing it correctly, since your body should only be moving from your belly button down, and if the upper part of your body is moving, your head will be bobbing up and down, making it impossible to breathe part of the time.

Hello Coach Bob,

Here's an update on my progress with doing the dolphin back on my back. After much perseverance, I've made a lot of progress.

Coach Bob, to answer your previous question, the reason I'm doing dolphin back on my back is to train myself to kick from the hips, not from the knees. Doing it on my back instead of face down relieves me of having to worry about breathing. In addition, I like doing dolphin kick on my back just for the purpose of exercising.

I'm at the point of where I can very comfortably dolphin kick on my back in the head lead position. :-)

Now I can also dolphin kick relatively comfortably on my back in the hand lead position without splashing water in my face all the time.

However, when I dolphin kick on my back in the hand lead position, for some reason, I seem to slow down quite a bit. I thought it should speed me up (compared to head lead), because the hand lead position provides a more streamlined position.

So, starting from a dolphin kick head lead position, as I extend my arms into a hand lead position, I feel myself slow down a lot. Then from the hand lead position, as I retract my arms back into a head lead position, I feel myself speed up a lot.

My question is, is the hand lead position supposed to slow down, speed up, or have no effect?

Thank you,

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